Tonnellerie Quintessence intertwines cherished, centuries-old French traditions with modern technology and defines the art of cooperage. True to our passion for excellence, Tonnellerie Quintessence crafts barrels from the finest oak, chêne français, milled at France’s most sophisticated stave operation. Expert wood buyers take great care in wood selection, searching the great forests for straight, tight grain oak.
The aroma and flavors imparted into your wine are the most important aspect of coopering. Tonnellerie Quintessence uses a monitoring system to assure uniformity and to guide the master cooper through the toasting process.

Working closely with the winemaker, Tonnellerie Quintessence is able to create barrels which complement and enhance the unique characteristics of their vintage.

To learn more about Tonnellerie Quintessence barrels please visit www.tonnelleriequintessence.com