French President Nicolas Sarkozy Visits
Stave Mill of Tonnellerie Quintessence

Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy recently visited Merrain International, a French oak stave mill in Monthureux-sur-Saone and a sister company of Tonnellerie Quintessence.  The President visited the stave mill while touring rural agricultural companies to discuss the French government's efforts to help such industries.

President Sarkozy toured the mill, talking to individual employees about the technology, quality and safety measures in place.  The tour included all aspects of the milling process.  The President was impressed with the use of technology throughout the facility, and asked his ministers to find out about "helping small companies to finance innovative processes, especially in the wood industry."

The Merrain International stave mill was selected based on a strong recommendation from Agricultural Minister Michel Barnier, who visited the facility in January, and praised the traceability, sustainability and productivity of the mill.  Merrain International's reputation for quality was also an important factor in the President's decision to visit.

Merrain International is located in the reputable Vosges forest region.  The stave mill is a sister company of Tonnellerie Quintessence, which is situated in the heart of Bordeaux's wine growing region.  The cooperage offers winemakers the quintessential French wine barrel that honors the cherished, centuries-old French coopering traditions.