Cape Cooperage Group oak alternatives is focused on providing expert advice, niche products and unparalleled selection. Our company shares sensory science and creative technology to help some of the world's best winemakers achieve their vision. Cape Cooperage Group distributes three innovative product lines, ēvOAK, forward thinking oak products, trū/tan, innovative oak tannins, and Heinrich Oak Alternatives.


evOAK takes American-made oak products to the next level with industry-leading technology and superior product development to produce value-added flavor solutions. Products include oak chips and powder, tank staves, barrel inserts and specialty items.


tru/tan uses proprietary blends of gallo and ellagic tannins that have been specifically formulated for use at different stages of winemaking. Products include three innovative oak tannin blends: fermentation finishing, vinification formula and reserve formula. For more information, visit

Heinrich Alternatives has a unique heritage, dating back two decades. Working together with Australian winemakers, the Heinrich brothers developed high-quality oak alternatives. Original recipes were perfected through extensive collaboration. Years later, these distinctive recipes are showcased the the Heinrich Alternatives product line, which supplies wineries all over the world.

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